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About Me

As a kid I always loved stories, whether I was reading them, watching them, or making them up myself. I would lug around my Sony recorder with the microphone and commentate on imaginary sporting events, host my own infomercials, or tell adventure stories. I loved to take on different roles and see the big, wide world through another pair of eyes. I carried that curiosity with me when it came time to join the workforce. My roles included work as a computer programmer, vet tech, high school chemistry and physics teacher, business analyst, and writer. All of them were interesting. All of them meant meeting, working with, and learning from interesting people from all different backgrounds and walks of life.

When I looked back at the different roles, I realized that the common thread that meant the most to me in each role was service. I love to help people, and each job allowed me to do that in a new way. And then I found voiceover—or really, voiceover found me. Voiceover gave me a place to tell stories again, and to revisit the fun, joy, and creativity that came with that. And it also gave me the privilege of serving all sorts of people in a variety of industries. From growing your business (and putting your kids through college!), to educating and informing learners, to taking on character roles that entertain and inspire, I am here to help!

Voiceover has given me a way to contribute to others in a way I love—through storytelling. The path I have walked so far allows me to do that authentically.  And I can’t wait to see where it all leads!

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